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Tips from PromoMatting on showing your customers how much you love themEvery business needs customers. But companies that love their customers — and show it — are rewarded with tremendous customer satisfaction and positive word of mouth.

PromoMatting custom matting has put together some ideas for showing your customers how much you love and appreciate them:

  • Be transparent. Explain policies, fees and pricing clearly. If there’s a delay or issue with an order, alert the customer, be open about the reasons, and keep them updated on progress and changes.
  • Provide exclusive offers or events. Offer repeat clients a special discount or exclusive “sneak peek” at a new product. Invite them to a customer appreciation event or open house to say thank you.
  • Listen. Ask your customers for feedback, and then act on what you learn.
  • Respond quickly. Return phone calls and emails promptly.
  • Go the extra mile. Provide extra service whenever you can, whether that’s going above and beyond to meet a tight deadline or tracking down a very hard-to-find product.
  • Share their successes. Feature clients in a case study. Congratulate them on social media when they celebrate a milestone.
  • Be human. People do business with people they like, so show your business’ personality and human side.
  • Be a good networker. Connect your customers with people who can help them. Provide referrals when possible.
  • Say thanks. A handwritten note, phone call, gift, or even a quick email can really make you stand out.

Taking these few extra steps doesn’t require much effort, but it can really pay off in happy customers who love your business!

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  2. Jessica Owens

    Thesee things are very important when considering customer satisfaction. It does not only mean that they are satisfied with the product but the whole experience. It really pays to be kind to customers so that they will also be kind to you. Respect begets respect.