Employee Spotlight: Jo Nell Dunn, Customer Service Representative

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Americo is more than mats—we are people, too! We sat down with Jo Nell Dunn, customer service rep, to ask her about her role at the company and a bit about her personal interests, as well. Here’s what she had to say:


What is your history with Americo?

I have worked with PromoMatting for 4 years as a receptionist and customer service admin.


What did you do before you came to Americo?

I worked as a Front Desk Receptionist at Little Sisters of the Poor in Mobile, AL. It is a nursing home run by Catholic nuns.


What do you love to do in your free time?

I love to explore places that I have never been to before, especially historical places.


How do you define quality customer service?

Quality customer service means the customer comes first.


How do you think Americo provides its customers with excellent service?

The customers at PromoMatting receive excellent customer service because of our employees. Every employee here, in every department, works as a team and truly strives to put the customer first.


What are some of the most common questions Americo customers have?

Will my order ship today? [Laughs.] But mainly the customers want to know if their client’s logo can be incorporated into a floor mat and how can we make that happen.


How do you address customers’ concerns or connect them with the information they need?

We do this by taking the time to walk a customer through the logo mat making process. Once our customer understands the process better and all the various steps that go into it, our customer can then better educate their client. It then becomes fun and exciting each time our customer has a new order.


What’s one thing you learned about floor mats at this job?

I’ve learned that there are so many types of mats that are available for the customer to choose from such as indoor, outdoor, anti-fatigue, flocked, nylon dyed, direct printed, etc. It really depends on where the mat will be used and the logo involved.


What’s one thing you think people would find surprising about your job?

I think it would be that we are not just a mat-producing facility, we are also a branding agency. The client’s logo and brand name will be on the mats and will be seen each time a customer comes into, or walks by, the client’s location.


What do you wish more people knew about floor mats?

That mats are not only functional, they are fun!