How-To Market a Niche Product

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When marketing and advertising in a niche market you should only cater towards a small group of people. Many beginning … Read More

Floor Advertising

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Why would anyone advertise on the floor? Well, point-of-purchase advertising includes all advertisements that are at the same destination that … Read More

The Many Uses of a Mat

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Where do you most often see a mat? In front of an entrance is the obvious choice, but can you … Read More

Logo Mat vs. Pen

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How can a custom logo mat compete with the extremely popular promotional pen? With a pen you can get hundreds … Read More

Why is Point-of-Purchase Advertising Important?

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Do you know exactly what products you will buy before entering a store? Most consumers make unplanned purchases when they … Read More

What is point-of-purchase advertising?

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In a nutshell point-of-purchase advertising is the advertising that occurs at the same place that the transaction occurs. Basically, it’s … Read More

PromoMatting Wordle

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Wordle is a great tool for analyzing a website or blog’s relevance. It can also be used to see what … Read More